Open Play at BoomKidz Staten Island
  • Jungle Gym
  • LEGO Table
  • Ball Cannons
  • Sensory Activity Set for Toddlers
Open Play Schedule

Temporarily Closed

Stay safe everyone and see you soon.


Open play times are subject to change. Please call in advance. 

Adults and kids are required to wear socks in playground at all times. 

If you would like to schedule a private play session. Please give us a call (718)605-5439

Open play for kids in Staten Island.

BoomKidz offers Staten Island families a fun, affordable option to get out of the house and stay active.

Clean and family friendly.

We take great care to ensure a clean and safe playful environment where your children can run around, socialize and learn how to play with others.
Questions About Our Open Play Sessions?

Or give us a call! (718) 605-5439

Want to reserve a private play session? Give us a call! (718) 605-5439

Don’t forget, we host children’s parties too!

Our Playground Rules

  • Adults and kids entering the play area (2nd floor), must wear socks at all times for safety and hygienic purposes regardless if playing or not. Barefeet are not allowed.
  • No private parties/birthday parties or similar gatherings are allowed during open play hours.
  • We kindly ask that you do not bring birthday cake/treats and/or decor during open play hours.
  • Parents/Guardians must sign a waiver for any child under 18.
  • Children MUST be supervised by an adult at ALL times.
  • No climbing on the outside of the play structure or its protective net.
  • No toys are allowed into the playground/jungle gym.
  • We do not tolerate rough play or bullying. We reserve the right to remove any guests involved in such behavior from our facility without a refund.
  • Please RESPECT our play equipment, toys and most importantly, fellow guests.
  • Food and/or drinks are NOT permitted in the play space but you are welcomed to eat and drink in designated area on the first floor.
  • Open play hours are subject to change without prior notice. Please call ahead or check our website prior to your visit.
  • BoomKidz is not responsible for loss or theft of your personal property. Please do not leave your personal belongings unattended.List Item
  • All guests must comply with BoomKidz “Rules of Fun”
Come Play!

Not only do we host birthday parties, we love to open our facility to the public so everyone can enjoy and experience our stimulating and fun environment without having to attend a party. BoomKidz’ unique activities – fun for the whole family! We have activities for children of any age. Come visit us when your child is off from school, bored on the weekend or antsy after school. We are your family’s first choice for a play session in Staten Island

Perfect for Any Day

When it’s too cold, too rainy or too hot for the kids to run around outside, BoomKidz has a wide variety of activities to explore for children of all ages  and their friends. This is the perfect place for everyone to get their sillies out. Our fun activities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Play sets
  • Jungle gym with tubes, slides and more
  • Ball cannons
  • Xbox video games
  • Lego Station